What Does Citrus Smell Like?

Have you ever wandered through a bustling marketplace overflowing with vibrant fruits? Imagine the invigorating aroma of freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day or the zesty tang that hits you when peeling a ripe orange. That is the essence of citrus — a scent that’s both energizing and uplifting. But how do we describe this complex fragrance? We explore the world of citrus scents, uncovering the unique characteristics that make them so recognizable. Then, get ready to experience fresh citrus aromas with fruit-scented candles inspired by California, New York City and Los Angeles from the comfort of your own home. So, what does citrus smell like? Let’s dive in! 

What Citrus Smells Like

juicy orange cut two parts

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Citrus fruits boast an interesting blend of aromatic compounds, primarily limonene and citral. These create the characteristic zesty, tangy notes associated with citrus. However, the citrus family is diverse, offering a spectrum of scents. Lemons, for instance, have a sharp, refreshing aroma, while oranges radiate a sweeter, sunnier fragrance. Grapefruit adds a touch of bitterness, while limes offer a more herbal and slightly peppery note.

Experience the Fresh Aroma of Citrus with Homesick Candles

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Here at Homesick, we take fragrance exploration to a whole new level. Here are just a few ways to experience the aroma of citrus for yourself with Homesick candles. 

Southern California Candle

Picture yourself cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway, the salty ocean air mingling with the sweet scent of orange groves. Our Southern California candle captures the essence of the region with a blend of scents. The first impression is bright and citrusy, with invigorating notes of orange and lemon. As the candle burns, a touch of rose emerges, adding a hint of floral sweetness. 

The middle notes introduce a breath of fresh sea air mingled with the delicate scent of jasmine. The base of the candle is warm and comforting, with hints of vanilla, clove and musk. This combination creates a fragrance that is both uplifting and inviting, reminiscent of a day spent exploring the sunny shores of Southern California.

New York City Candle

new york city candle

Our New York City candle evokes the energy and character of the Big Apple in a captivating fragrance. It opens with a burst of citrus — a blend of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit that captures the city’s vibrancy. Mid notes feature an unexpected mix of jasmine’s delicate sweetness with the coolness of water lilies and the intriguing, almost metallic scent of concrete. This unique combination reflects the city’s contrasting elements. Finally, the base notes settle into a warm and musky scent with oakmoss and sandalwood, grounding the fragrance and leaving a lingering impression, much like the lasting impact of New York City itself.

Los Angeles Candle

Our Los Angeles candle paints a fragrant portrait of the City of Angels. Breathe in its aroma, and you’ll first detect a burst of a sunny, citrusy blend of orange and bergamot perfectly paired with the delicate sweetness of rose. This evokes the vibrant mornings and the iconic floral abundance of Los Angeles. The mid notes reveal a touch of ylang-ylang while a whisper of lemon hints of constant sunshine. The base notes offer a warm embrace of jasmine and musk, reminiscent of cool desert nights spent under a star-studded sky. This captivating fragrance captures the essence of Los Angeles, a city where bright mornings seamlessly blend into starlit nights, and the city’s energy mingles with the tranquility of the surrounding landscapes.

Let’s Toast Candle

lets toast homesick candle

Our Let’s Toast candle is a celebration in a jar with a fragrance designed to evoke the joy of raising a glass. The first notes are bright and effervescent, with juicy mandarin and grapefruit mimicking the bubbly’s initial pop. This candle’s mid notes feature sweet and inviting scents of apple and pineapple reminiscent of a festive cocktail. The base notes provide the warm, comforting aroma of champagne grapes, leaving a lingering toasty sweetness that perfectly embodies the spirit of any joyous occasion. 

Closing Thoughts

Citrus scents offer a burst of sunshine and energy, making them a popular choice for candles. Homesick captures the essence of citrus in various ways, allowing you to bring the invigorating aroma of California sunshine, the bustling energy of New York City, or the laid-back vibes of Los Angeles into your home. If you’re looking for a vibrant, sunny scent to add to your home, we have you covered! Shop our complete collection of fruit-scented candles today to find the perfect one to suit any taste.